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MSME Business Account

BODY: We can’t wait for your business to get to the next level. So, we provide the best banking, tools and advisory services throughout its lifecycle: start, gain traction and scale-up.

The proposition is categorized into 3 different groups:

  • Heritage MSME Business Classic with a maximum annual debit transaction of 50M
  • Heritage MSME Business Pro with a maximum annual debit transaction of 100M
  • Heritage MSME Business Premium with a maximum annual transaction of 250M

Account opening amount and minimum balance for each Heritage MSME Business category is as follows:

  • Heritage MSME Business Classic 25,000
  • Heritage Business Pro 50,000
  • Heritage MSME Business Premium 100,000


  • A Current Account with Zero COT
  • Overdraft facility is 25% of the 6months average monthly turnover and limited to the Heritage MSME  Business Category amount.
  • Higher credit such as LPO financing term loans etc., are available but will have to pass through applicable credit process.
  • Easy access to Free POS Terminal.
  • Easy access to (collateral free) loan
  • Advisory Services
  • Access to Credit Life Assurance protection against the borrowed funds.
  • Low transactional cost i.e. Zero COT
  • Easy access to collateral-free overdraft (which is a % of your 6months average turnover
  • Easy access to other higher credit facilities giving you the opportunity to acquire assets for the business.
  • Free deployment of Point of Sale (POS) Terminal which reduces the cost of handling cash and convenience of cashless trading.
  • Access to Advisory Service from appointed consultants, which will help you develop competitive edge business skill.
  • Credit Life Assurance cover on borrowed funds in case of default via death or physical disability.
  • Regular networking events.



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