With Heritage Bank’s MoneyGram services, you are assured of receiving your money from Monday through Friday nationwide.


  • Fast: Transfer is completed in minutes
  • Reliable: Recipient is assured of getting funds
  • Convenient: Money pick-up at any Heritage branch
  • The beneficiary pays no charges
  • Direct to account for Outbound transfers is available in selected corridors.
  • Convenience: Money pick-up at any Heritage branch.


  • Provides affordable, convenient, reliable means of transferring money to loved ones around the globe.
  • Expected Amount will be received in full.

Requirements for Receiving Payments

Beneficiaries can receive transferred money at any of our outlets by providing the following:

    • Transfer Reference Number
    • Expected Amount
    • Acceptable means of identification (Bank Verification Number)
    • Sender’s name and country (city to be included for transfers coming from the US)
    • Test Question and Answer (optional)
    • Fully completed form

Requirements for Sending Payments

  • Sender’s name, Phone number, address
  • The receiver’s name and country
  • Amount in Naira
  • Acceptable means of identification (Bank Verification Number)
  • Test Question and Answer, where applicable
  • A maximum send limit of 1,000 USD Naira equivalent per customer per quarter, as stipulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Acceptable Means of Identification

  • Nigerian International Passport/Foreign Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Permanent Voters card
  • National Identity Card
  • Verified BVN