Lessons from the Mouse Man

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Once upon a time, there lived a man named Walt Disney. Walt had a friend named Ubbe, and the two of them drew cartoons for a living.


Walt and Ubbe created a character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but they lost the rights to this character to Universal Pictures.


Talk about a tough break…

The partners created the character of Mickey Mouse in the wake of their disappointment, almost as an afterthought. That afterthought grew to become the largest media conglomerate in the entire world.


The Walt Disney Company is a diversified American multinational media corporation. With an annual revenue of about $45 Billion, Walt Disney owns one of the largest and best known studios in Hollywood.
Judging from those numbers it’s hard to believe that the Walt Disney Company actually went bankrupt at some point but they did. Like many successful companies, their journey to success had its challenges. But how did they go from crushing disappointment and bankruptcy to unprecedented success? Here are a few lessons budding entrepreneurs can learn from them:

 1. No matter how small your ideas are, they have great potential. Mickey Mouse was created after their first great idea was taken from them. And even though Mickey was created in 1928, it did not bring much dividend to the company until the 1930’s Often times it is the little things and afterthoughts that become our source of great wealth. Persevere! Even if they do not yield results now, you never know what they may yield in the future.

2. Learn from your mistakes. As soon as the partners created the character of Mickey Mouse, they copyrighted it to avoid losing it like they did with Oswald. On the journey to making wealth, it is important to see mistakes as stepping stones rather than obstacles. Learn from them and use the lessons to make better decisions in the future.

3. Give back. When the Walt Disney Company became a huge success, Walt established the California Institute of Art, a college-level professional school of creative and performing arts, to help provide a place to develop talent for the future. Giving back is a great way to show appreciation, and it creates opportunities for more people to succeed.

4. Create lasting successorship. Walt Disney died in 1966, just before he was able to complete construction on the first Disney World resort center and amusement park. However, he imparted his vision into his workers before his death, ensuring that his dreams did not die with him. To create Timeless wealth, you must ensure your business doesn’t die with you.

No one becomes great simply by talking about the great ideas they have. Walt Disney may have lived in a world of imagination but he made sure they became a reality. Turn your great ideas to reality: quit talking and start working!

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L-R: GoodLuck Linda, WOSSA Chief Welfare officer; Helen Unabor, WOSSA Chief Protocol officer; Olawale Osundele, Regional Head, Lagos Island 1, Lagos Island 1 Zone, Heritage Bank; Amb. Tayo Thomas, President of WOSSA; Dame Jennifer Omotayo-Thomas, Vice president, WOSSA and John Adah, Team Member, Corporate Communications, Heritage Bank, during the award ceremony held in Lagos to mark this year’s International Widows Day themed: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”


Heritage Bank supports over 500 widows, receives UN Award for Humanitarian Service 

Heritage Bank received the 2022 United Nations Award for Humanitarian Service from the Widows & Orphans Support Society of Nigeria (WOSSA), as no fewer than 500 widows and orphans in Lagos State benefitted from the Bank’s support. 

This was made known during the award ceremony held in Lagos to mark this year’s International Widows Day themed: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

The event was an opportunity to recognize Heritage Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roles to widows, their children and other less privileged within the society.

Speaking during the awards presentation, Founder, Widows & Orphans Support Society of Nigeria (WOSSA), Ambassador Tayo Thomas, said Heritage Bank is one of the group’s key partners and has for years shown massive support to the widows. 

He said: ” Basically, we are giving this award to people and organizations that have been supporting the less privileged widows. These are our partners, they have been doing great service to humanity, especially service the less privileged widows in meeting their financial needs and those of their children”. 

Continuing, he said: “The United Nations Humanitarian Award is to appreciate and acknowledge them for their support to the less privileged widows. The United Nations Humanitarian Award is an award we give every 24th of June to those who have really supported the widows. Those who have joined us to fight against injustice against the widows. That is the reason for today”. 

Speaking at the event, Heritage Bank Regional Head, Lagos Island 1, Olawale Osundele, said the bank has for years, remained committed to improving people’s lives. 

He said: “It has always been one of our front liners to always improve the quality of people’s lives right from childhood. And today that they are marking the International Widow’s Day, we are also part of the support team to WOSSA in various aspects.”

“We have been supporting them in terms of providing quality education for children of widows to ensure that life after the death of their husband is still good to them and their children. We also support the children and orphans and the less privileged in the society,” he added.

According to Osundele, the bank’s support to the widows has always been a source of joy to them.  “It means that life still means a lot to them. You can see the joy in their faces. Despite what they are going through, they are still very happy and relevant in society,” he said. 

One of the widows at the event, Mrs. Felicia Ugwunwanne thanked Heritage Bank and WOSSA for their continuous support to the widows and less privileged. 

She said that WOSSA is through the support of partners such as Heritage Bank, making life better for the widows and their children. 

“The WOSSA has for years, been assisting so many of us, including our children and orphanages. WOSSA gives us cash, help some widows to pay their house rent, school fees for widows’ children, among other things,” she said.

Ugwunwanne said the widows under WOSSA are being trained for skills acquisition to improve the quality of their lives.

“I am aware that the WOSSA is working on securing loans from Microfinance Bank, and we have completed forms to achieve the purpose. Our members are prepared to access the loans. Some of the widows have gone to learn some skills that will enable them to invest and succeed in whatever craft or business they are doing so that they will not continue to depend on people,” she said. //END.//

Ozena Utulu, Ag. Group Head, Corporate Communications