Advancement through Engagement

Engage is a collaboration platform for tech enthusiasts, software developers and everything technology. It is connected to an instant messaging group where people of similar interests can share knowledge and network.

The Sandbox

This provides a suite of financial and non-financial APIs targeted to meet the needs of Fintechs, SMEs and tech communities. The APIs grant access to third-party developers, Tech companies for the purpose of carrying out payment and financial services that meet the needs of their customers.

What is in it for members?

Members of the Engage community have access to firsthand information about and are exclusively invited to regular Tech Seminars, Workshops and Events which will consistently be hosted by Heritage Bank through Engage.

    • Collaboration & Networking
    • Access to the following.
      • Accelerator & Incubator programs
      • Workshops and networking events (Developers Meet-up)
      • Sandbox Portal
      • Resources
      • Support
Event Details Date
Hackathon Challenge
• The Hackathon challenge is a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate to build proof of concept (PoCs) and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for a specific pre-defined problem or to innovate.

• Hackathon is a tool to drive sustained innovation and solutions to address pressing real-life business problems and social issues.
June 2021
HB Innovation Lab 2
The HB Innovation Lab is an incubation/accelerator program designed to provide technology start-ups with the enabling environment, resources, and support required to innovate and accelerate impactful solutions with the potential to radically improve financial Inclusion/Intermediation, agriculture and other related problems affecting critical sectors of the economy.
September 2021
Developers Meet-up
This is a forum for like-minded individuals (developers, start-ups and entrepreneurs) who come together to exchange ideas, learn new technologies, share experiences, with the aim to improve skills, and encourage collaboration/partnerships.
November 2021

Accessible APIs

Our API categories are – Accounts, Payments, Identity and Specialized/Non-Financial. Upon login, users will be granted access to view API documentations in their sandbox dashboard.

  • Accounts: Account opening with BVN, Account opening without BVN, Balance Enquiry, Transaction History, Retrieve Customer Details, Retrieve Loan Details, Notifications etc.
  • Payments:  These set of APIs facilitate seamless payments which include Heritage Checkout and multi- party payment APIs such as: Intra-bank transfer, NIP transfer, Bill payment advice request, Payment gateway service, Debit card validation etc.
  • Identity: Validation of user/image identity for Heritage and Non-Heritage Bank customers. The APIs include BVN Validation and Linking, get BVN, NIP name lookup etc.
  • Specialized/Non-Financial APIs: These APIs are tailored to meet the demands and intricacies of business. These include lifestyle services, Health services, Logistics, Insurance etc. Also, SMS and communication APIs such as OTP Request, SMS Request and OTP Validation, are available on the platform.

APIs as a Service

This service will provide Fintechs and Non-Fintechs access to the Bank’s live Application Programming Interface (APIs) for financial and non-financial services that meet the needs of their customers.