Chairman’s Message

It is an honour to welcome you to history in the making as we launch Heritage Bank a bank whose unique philosophy is predicated on creating lasting legacies through wealth creation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer.

Our commitment is to work with each customer to create a name and heritage for today and future generations. We are achieving this singular objective through Partnership, People and Process. At the heart of our aspiration to consistently deliver premium services to you lies innovation wrapped in modest elegance and knowledge.

At Heritage Bank, each guest is unique in all respects and our pledge is to bring you into a world of financial services designed with a deep understanding of your needs and wants. Our people have signed up to the charter of getting knitted to the personal lifestyle of each individual and we are wired with the passion of delivering five-star experience and exposure at every point of contact with our clients.

For all classes of our customers either at the individual or institutional level, we present a pledge to surpass expectations. We have simplified banking and with our innovative financial products, your money can perform at its maximum potential.

We are here to share our values of Excellence, Respect for the Individual, Integrity, and Innovation with you. We ask that you hold us to this pledge as we open our arms and doors to you.

You are most welcome.