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You have always loved the Sunday market culture and makes life easy, doesn’t it? Sunday Small Market Maiden Edition Invite You have probably also wished to have a day that looks unusual for market activity just to create an avenue for buyers and sellers to meet and transact. Are you one of the buyers or [...]read more
Heritage Bank Sponsors African Fashion & Design Week 2016
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In line with its strategic plan of identifying and supporting Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSMEs), Heritage Bank Plc is proudly sponsoring the 5th edition of the African Fashion and Design Week #AFDWÂ 2016, themed  Inspired. AFDW 2016 which will take place from Friday October 7 to Sunday October 9, 2016 at the Oriental [...]read more
Time to Upgrade to Pro 2015
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Professionalism is the sum total of appropriate behaviour in the work environment, and professional conduct is a key indicator of the success of an organisation. Employers and service users alike are constantly talking about professionalism and its lack thereof, but what does it really mean to be professional or to act professionally? Here are a [...]read more
Something to die for
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Many of the most popular trends today were born of styles on the brink of oblivion anyone who has lived to see leggings become a wardrobe staple can attest to that. But what makes each fashion (re)cycle successful is the measure of innovation and creativity involved in the new iteration of a trend. Take for [...]read more



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