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5 smart ways to boost your business in 2017
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A common trend with every business is to strategize for growth when a new year approaches. Whether you are just starting as a new business owner or you have been running your business successfully for a long time, there are always new strategies that can help maximize your success rate in the marketplace. Here are [...]read more
540 280 Heritage Bank Plc
With a new year comes to an array of goals/plans; I bet you wrote down a list of things you hope to accomplish in 2017 like learn a new skill, shed some weight, acquire a degree and a list of some nice things you would want to buy like a car, a house, etc. One [...]read more
5 Ways to Cut Down Your Startup Expenses
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Starting a business is a bold step; the world offers you challenges on a platter of gold, with no regard for you as a newbie. One of these challenges is capital. SMEs may not make profit in the first or second year, but money is extremely essential to sustain the business. The problem is, a [...]read more
Startup Hacks in Game of Thrones
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Let's take a moment to learn a few business techniques from a powerful story. Game of Thrones is a TV show set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos and interweaves three major narrative plots. The first narrative arc follows a civil war among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven [...]read more
The Power of Change
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No, this is not a political article. It is an article for your pocket. No change You can pick something else worth your change Have you heard this before? You leave your house, get to a store after making a budget specifying the things you want to buy and their cost equivalent. After successfully making [...]read more
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Everyone begins the New Year full of hope, plans, purpose - and a long list of things to do to achieve those plans. Between personal goals like, 'lose weight' to 'learn a new language', professional goals like, 'get a promotion' and 'be more efficient', and social goals like, 'call my in-laws more' and 'be more [...]read more
So, you think you’re NOT creative?
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Many people view creativity as an exclusive attribute of the arts. Painting, acting, writing, singing, and similar artistic expressions are viewed as entirely imaginative, and therefore, creative. This, of course, is correct. However, there is a common tendency to turn that central assumption into a limitation: believing that since artistic professions are creative, other professions [...]read more
Time to Upgrade to Pro 2015
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Professionalism is the sum total of appropriate behaviour in the work environment, and professional conduct is a key indicator of the success of an organisation. Employers and service users alike are constantly talking about professionalism and its lack thereof, but what does it really mean to be professional or to act professionally? Here are a [...]read more
The Single-Eyed Employee
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The Single-Eyed Employee The typical employee has a fully-kitted arsenal of devices: personal phone, work phone, laptop, tablet. And on these devices are even more productivity tools: calendar, organizer, Skype, reminder apps, notepad apps, text messaging, email apps, messenger apps  and these are just the productive applications. Add to that, news updates, blogs, websites, linkedIn, [...]read more
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