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Heritage Bank Pledges Continued Support for Women Empowerment
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Heritage Bank Plc has said it will continue to lend support to causes that promote women empowerment as this will impact positively on the nation’s socio-economic development. Managing Director, Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo, stated this at the “Raising Girls Summit ‘19” which held in Lagos last Friday as part of activities to commemorate the International [...]read more
Heritage Bank, FG, UN partner to position Nigeria as tourist destination in Africa
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In a bid to transform Nigeria into a tourist sector destination in Africa and position it as the lever of Nigeria's economic growth and development, Heritage Bank Plc has partnered federal government and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). The bank partnered Nigerian government at the 61st meeting of the United Nations World Tourism [...]read more
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Poetry is as old as communication itself. People have always told stories set in juicy verse, whether they rhyme or not, to convey ideas, pains, joys, victories, memories hopes and dreams. If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then we feel it's okay to say that a line of poetry is [...]read more
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Enjoying the holiday is about making the most of the time and doing what brings you pleasure. It is a time for you to relax and enjoy some time off work with family and friends, but you have to be proactive to make that happen. Beautiful weather beckons from outside your cubicle with its promise [...]read more
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The dream of every SME in Nigeria is to grow beyond a small business into a bigger business with chains of outlets serving both local and international customers. However, research has shown that only half of start-ups survive more than five years, and not more than one-third make it to ten years. With this in [...]read more
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You have always loved the Sunday market culture and makes life easy, doesn’t it? Sunday Small Market Maiden Edition Invite You have probably also wished to have a day that looks unusual for market activity just to create an avenue for buyers and sellers to meet and transact. Are you one of the buyers or [...]read more
#IamProudOfMyHeritage: The New Kings and Queens of Africa
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The heritage of a people is their source of greatness. The American dream is built on the heritage of great men like Verndabilt, Carnegie, Ford, etc. However, in the case of Africa, the conversation always revolves around slavery, starvation, and politicians, overlooking an era before then when African Kings and Queens built empires and enterprise [...]read more



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