Agric Business Loan


We throw all of our weight behind your agriculture business.

We recognize that it is the prime business that drives every other business and so, requires funding, strategic professional advice to achieve your set goals. Our support covers the entire gamut of the agriculture ecosystem, ensuring that you always have a harvest of smiles.

Anchor Borrowers Programme

Commercial Agriculture Credit Credit Scheme

Maize Aggregation Scheme (MAS)

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF)

Paddy Aggregator Scheme (PAS)

Real Sector Support Facility

Who qualifies to Apply

  1. Individuals in paid employment
  2. Micro/Small Farmers
  3. Medium/Large Scale Farmers
  4. NGOs
  5. Government and its agencies
  6. Corporate Organizations
  7. Must be a practicing farmer, exporter or agro-allied entrepreneur.
  8. Must have been in account relationship with HB Plc for a minimum of 6months.
  9. Viable business proposal/feasibility report.
  10. Positive CRMS report.

Required document for Access to Agric lending

  1. Letter of request from the borrower
  2. Board resolution to borrow
  3. Letter of authority to conduct credit search on the Company and Directors and debit account accordingly.
  4. Letter of authority to conduct search on property pledged as collateral and debit account.
  5. Company Incorporation Documents and Company Profile.
  6. Business Plan/Feasibility Report.
  7. Projected cash flow analysis for the next 12months or more ((depending on the tenor of the loan).
  8. Statements of Accounts (Corporate/Personal) for at least 6months.
  9. Pro-forma Invoices (for purchases).
  10. Historical Cash flow for the last twelve months.
  11. Valuation Reports (to be done by the Bank’s Appointed Valuer).
  12. Bill of Quantity
  13. Letter of irrevocable domiciliation of sales proceeds.
  14. Audited accounts for 3years or Management Account, where applicable.
  15. Relevant Permits/Licenses/Approvals (where applicable)
  16. Verifiable offtake Orders/Contracts or Arrangements/Commitments.
  17. Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) Report (where applicable)
  18. Copies of executed warehouse arrangements with acceptable collateral managers for structured trade transactions.
  19. Farm/Project Visitation Report and Photographs.
  20. Security/Collateral documents.
  21. Any other document (s) that may be required by HB Plc or the fund provider.

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