Enjoying the holiday is about making the most of the time and doing what brings you pleasure. It is a time for you to relax and enjoy some time off work with family and friends, but you have to be proactive to make that happen. Beautiful weather beckons from outside your cubicle with its promise of happy hours and neighbourhood games. But there is more to summer than just playing games; it’s a time of discovery and adventure. And who says you cannot enjoy summer without breaking the bank? Here are few ways we think you can enjoy your vacation –

Plan to do one or two things you really want to do: Vacation time is when you get the opportunity to do the things that work doesn’t give you time to do. With this break, you can go to the beach by yourself or play your favourite game, learn a new skill, read a book or take a road trip  anything that gives you a break and a bit of personal time.

Leave work behind: The whole point of vacation is to take a break from work, not to have thoughts and messages from work mixing in with your leisure time. Leave the laptop behind, don’t check voicemail, and don’t call the office. Change your outgoing phone messages and set up an auto reply on your email to make sure everyone knows you are not available until your return date. This is your time to put yourself first, refresh your mind and have a blissful experience!

Relax and Unwind: Don’t treat your vacation like a work project. If your goal is to rest and recharge; plan with that goal in mind. Figure out ways to relax and have fun in a way that will minimize stress. Too much planning, organizing, list-making and over-scheduling gives you no time to relax and enjoy yourself. Get out of work mode and try to space out planned activities; you don’t want to be exhausted from your vacation when it’s all over.

Catch up on sleep: Take advantage of your vacation to catch up on sleep you lost during early hours of the morning and the late nights spent meeting deadlines. Go to bed early to enjoy an extra hour or two of sleep that you won’t get on the regular days; you can also steal few minutes of the day to catch a nap.

Keep it close to home: When vacations come to mind, the choice destination for Nigerians usually revolve outside Nigeria. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune or get on an airplane to have fun this summer. You can explore the beautiful attraction sites and resorts in Nigeria and really feel an excitement you never thought possible that close to home. You can visit places like Yankari Game Reserve, Kajuru Castle, Gurara Waterfalls and Obudu Cattle Ranch. Grab your friends & family, go with a camera and take some really fun and interesting shots, and do share them on social media. Remember to tag Heritage Bank on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your Nigeria tourism experience. Our handles are:

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So, don’t say we kept this information to ourselves, and don’t keep it to yourself either. Go ahead and make the most of this summer vacation; we want you to rest, unwind, and have a swell time.


L-R: GoodLuck Linda, WOSSA Chief Welfare officer; Helen Unabor, WOSSA Chief Protocol officer; Olawale Osundele, Regional Head, Lagos Island 1, Lagos Island 1 Zone, Heritage Bank; Amb. Tayo Thomas, President of WOSSA; Dame Jennifer Omotayo-Thomas, Vice president, WOSSA and John Adah, Team Member, Corporate Communications, Heritage Bank, during the award ceremony held in Lagos to mark this year’s International Widows Day themed: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”


Heritage Bank supports over 500 widows, receives UN Award for Humanitarian Service 

Heritage Bank received the 2022 United Nations Award for Humanitarian Service from the Widows & Orphans Support Society of Nigeria (WOSSA), as no fewer than 500 widows and orphans in Lagos State benefitted from the Bank’s support. 

This was made known during the award ceremony held in Lagos to mark this year’s International Widows Day themed: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

The event was an opportunity to recognize Heritage Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roles to widows, their children and other less privileged within the society.

Speaking during the awards presentation, Founder, Widows & Orphans Support Society of Nigeria (WOSSA), Ambassador Tayo Thomas, said Heritage Bank is one of the group’s key partners and has for years shown massive support to the widows. 

He said: ” Basically, we are giving this award to people and organizations that have been supporting the less privileged widows. These are our partners, they have been doing great service to humanity, especially service the less privileged widows in meeting their financial needs and those of their children”. 

Continuing, he said: “The United Nations Humanitarian Award is to appreciate and acknowledge them for their support to the less privileged widows. The United Nations Humanitarian Award is an award we give every 24th of June to those who have really supported the widows. Those who have joined us to fight against injustice against the widows. That is the reason for today”. 

Speaking at the event, Heritage Bank Regional Head, Lagos Island 1, Olawale Osundele, said the bank has for years, remained committed to improving people’s lives. 

He said: “It has always been one of our front liners to always improve the quality of people’s lives right from childhood. And today that they are marking the International Widow’s Day, we are also part of the support team to WOSSA in various aspects.”

“We have been supporting them in terms of providing quality education for children of widows to ensure that life after the death of their husband is still good to them and their children. We also support the children and orphans and the less privileged in the society,” he added.

According to Osundele, the bank’s support to the widows has always been a source of joy to them.  “It means that life still means a lot to them. You can see the joy in their faces. Despite what they are going through, they are still very happy and relevant in society,” he said. 

One of the widows at the event, Mrs. Felicia Ugwunwanne thanked Heritage Bank and WOSSA for their continuous support to the widows and less privileged. 

She said that WOSSA is through the support of partners such as Heritage Bank, making life better for the widows and their children. 

“The WOSSA has for years, been assisting so many of us, including our children and orphanages. WOSSA gives us cash, help some widows to pay their house rent, school fees for widows’ children, among other things,” she said.

Ugwunwanne said the widows under WOSSA are being trained for skills acquisition to improve the quality of their lives.

“I am aware that the WOSSA is working on securing loans from Microfinance Bank, and we have completed forms to achieve the purpose. Our members are prepared to access the loans. Some of the widows have gone to learn some skills that will enable them to invest and succeed in whatever craft or business they are doing so that they will not continue to depend on people,” she said. //END.//

Ozena Utulu, Ag. Group Head, Corporate Communications